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Why You Should Apply For A Free Oil Boiler In The UK


An oil boiler is a closed vessel in which oil is heated, either simply as part of warming it or to bring it to boil. Boilers are inseparable vessels of modern-day homes, especially homes that are located in regions that experience chilly winters such as the UK.

Apparently, the UK has made it possible for anyone to apply for a free oil boiler and the following are some of the perks you get from this.

Free and Heavy Subsidies

The first reason for applying for a free oil boiler in the UK is due to the fact that the UK government offers attractive subsidies for this. These subsidies have been made available through the ECO which is a Government initiative intended to assist low-income households access certain efficiency home improvements as part of an elaborate effort to help them reduce the cost of heating their homes as well as reduce the carbon footprints.

Non-repayable Grants

If you ask any home owner, they will tell you that the worst part of any grants is the payment part. This is often due to the high interests as well as the constricted payment periods. However, the UK government ensures they take this worry off the minds of home owners by ensuring their grants on oil boilers are completely non-repayable. This means once the replacement has been done, the oil boiler is yours and at no time will the government ask you to pay any money back.

Extra Perks

Another reason why application for a free oil boiler in the UK is a fairly attractive idea is due to the fact that there are additional perks that come with it once you meet the set criteria for replacement. Most notably, if you qualify for a free oil boiler grant, you will have it installed in your property along with new heating controls.

You Get What You Deserve

Last but not least, the application of free oil boilers in the UK ensure you get what matches your home energy requirements. The government, through the ECO initiative, will send experts in your home to assess the extent of your energy requirements. This assessment is largely free, though some technicalities may require a negligible contribution from your end. The exerts will determine the size of the oil boiler appropriate for your home before recommending it, so you are sure to get what your home truly deserves as far as your energy requirements are concerned.


Having free oil boiler replacement in the UK is as easy as ABC, all you need to do is ensure you meet the benefits related criteria and that your current boiler is at least 5 years old.